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Strawberry Snake MP3 Rotation

_______VER.1___Shades of Grey*~*~*

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Heyo~ Velcome to Stacey's very first mp3 rotation ^oo^


+ Direct link and die o_< This does not mean please direct link and then die peacefully in your sleep many years later. It means if you direct link my files I will personally hunt you down and rip your intestines out of your ass and feed them to my imaginary demon. His name is Exodus and he's hungry so be warned... fair enough? ^.^
+ Don't steal any graphics from this journal to use on other sites/journals.. as if you'd want to *snorts*
+ I'm forced to tell you to delete all files you download from here from your hard-drive within 24 hours unless you intend on buying the album.. but I have no way of checking that you'll actually do this and hardly anyone follows this rule anyway so I'm wasting my time ^ ^;; ..but don't say I didn't warn ya. If you get prosecuted for keeping this stuff longer, don't blame me. I'm not responsible for your actions. I would like to ask that you support the artists though.. If you -reallyreallyreally- like them, please consider buying the cd.
+ I will only post requests if a) I actually have the mp3. I don't have time to go looking; b) you ask -nicely-; c) you don't ask for much. If you want one or two songs then no problem.. but if you ask me for loads of stuff over a short space of time or ask me to post a whole album I'll just tell you to go fuck yourself ^__^;;
And I'm not posting -anything- that I don't like.
Thank yous~

I am a link-whore u_u
Bootleg A Nerve-rending Hot Night Occult proposal DVD Gekiai Merry Go Round
Heavenly Sins Mizerable Moi Fruits of Chaos Conversation Piece Soundscience ...To The Music Unlimited Flying Without Wings Blast IT! Digital Earpiece Virgin Ears happy+fun+time Momo - this is the fucking cutest link button ever ^oo^ Hakkyou Sasurai Rhapsody [GAKIDOU?]7-Seven Last Song Daybreak Tears of Blood HALENTI Boombox Generation Dive To Blue 74.2FM To LIE Saigo no Tenshi Toxic Trax <3 musiclove Ongaku Hit Repeat Wingless Melody MIDNIGHTSymphony Machismo Ai The Sweetest Rain Blacku Catu Kaze ga Fuku Kawaii Rouge Meow Mix Broken Carousel Musitation Set Random Requiem LOVE is here Aurora&apos;s Weave Enigma The JPop Rotation Melodies of LIFE Emotionally Driven Sing Yesterday to Me MP3 Bubbles //REMIX! In Silence Sound of Respire Tears of Blood B-Paradise Anything But Hitori no Umi Live Wire

~Rock Your Body~Miyavi~Raimu Ichigo~Scherzo.M~happyGHETTO~Serenade~Colour Me Blood Red~Daisy~Secret Carnival~#.Mona Lisa Overdrive~

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