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Strawberry Snake MP3 Rotation

_______VER.1___Shades of Grey*~*~*

2/15/05 04:33 pm

I wanted to do a Valentine rotation but I'm a day late.. oh well..

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+ Read the rules
+ Request things! O_<

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Also I'm thinkin' of moving. I want an actual rotation -site- but my html skills are very basic .__.

2/8/05 06:16 pm

u_U Long time, no post. Sorry.. *posts a bunch of random things from her playlist to make it up to you*

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1/24/05 06:45 pm

uhm.. yes.. I'm late with my rotation >_>
..Anyway.. this rotation has a theme.. and that theme is parental advisory ...basically songs that are dirty... in my mind anyway..

Parental advisory, explicit content~ XDCollapse )

1/12/05 07:10 pm - Rotation numero dos~ XP

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+ Will only be available until the download expires. I'm not re-uploading 'em
+ Comment.. and REQUEST THINGS!

Edit- *stabs things* The host screwed up some things so I'll have to fix 'em -__-
Editeditedit- Fixed.. I hope o-o;

//Artist// The Killers
//Song// Somebody Told Me
//Genre// Indie-ish rock
//Etc.// I don't know why I like The Killers so much ._. They're really not ym usual type of music.. but this song is bloody infectious. It's like a disease! O_<
I just ripped this from my CD just now so feel grateful XP


//Artist// Nobuo Uematsu
//Song// One Winged Angel {Orchestral version}
//Genre// Orchestral/video game
//Etc.// It's sabulana's fault I love this song so damn much. She's slightly *coughs* >.> obsessed with Sephiroth and, of course, this is his theme. Whether you're a Sephiroth fan or not (if you aren't ..why, goddammit?! >_>) tis a beautiful piece of music. It's very dramatic... and I suck at descriptions. Download it.


//Artist//Luci'fer Luscious Violenoue
//Song// Wendy
//Genre// Mellow jrock
//Etc.// Ah how I love Luci'fer. She's a million miles away from the stereotypical females of jmusic. Her voice is beautiful. It's not often I see LLV on rotation so I thought I'd expose you to her ^ ^
..and some of my friends have an in-joke about the name 'Wendy' ... It's best not to ask ^^;;


//Artist// Kana
//Song// Mori
//Genre// J-chickrock
//Etc.// More Kana. This one's sort of a ballad. A scary ballad XD
I love the bit near the end where she goes 'dokudoku' It's so cute ^oo^


//Artist// Baroque
//Song// Amedama
//Genre// Jrock
//Etc.// Baroque are one of my favourite bands. It's so sad they disbanded ;-; Er.. why this song? I dunno. It's random. This song is on crack. oooo random noises


//Artist// GLAY
//Song// Yuuwaku
//Genre// Jrock
//Etc.// * - * This is the best Glay song -ever- It's so damnably catchy. Even people who hate Glay love this song


1/7/05 07:34 pm

Sorry for the lack of music. I don't know what you people want >.<;; Comment and tell me! *angst*

+ LEFT click
+ Get 'em quick. The links will expire.

//Song// Hebi Ichigo
//Genre// Sorta pop-ish jrock
//Etc.// I know several places have this on rotation now but I can't not post this since it's the song that inspired the name of this site XP
When I first heard Kana I thought her voice was terrible.. but for some reason I couldn't stop listening to her o_o;; I soon grew to love her, though so people might not find her as endearing as I do. She's... unusual.. My mum says this song sounds like a insane girl singing karaoke XDD


//Artist//Otsuka Ai
//Song// Sakuranbo
//Genre// jpop
//Etc.// I've just discovered Ai recently. Sadly this is the only one of her songs I've been able to find. I was instantly tempted to buy her Love Jam album almost entirely because of the cover-art XD It's ridiculously adorable ^oo^ I can't wait to get it.
Ai has a near sickeningly cute voice which I adore. You'll probably either find her annoying or addictive, hopefully the latter.


//Artist// Inugami Circus-dan
//Song// Kiseki
//Genre// I've heard them described as angura-kei but I'll just say jrock
//Etc.// Inugami Circus-dan are one of my favourite bands and this is one of my favourite songs. Decent female-fronted jrock bands seem to be pretty rare.. but Kyouko is one scarily awesome lady o___o IC-d sing about really freaky stuff. Go find some translations of their songs if you have the stomach for it. Last time I checked, mognet.net had some..


1/7/05 06:03 pm

Heyuu~ Welcome to the grand opening of Strawberry Snake mp3s... >_> 'cept it ain't open properly yet. Bear with me. I'll have some mp3s up shortly XP
..And I'm gonna sort out this godawful layout >.>;; *is clueless about customising this bloody thing*
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